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DURAN® Filter Crucibles
DWK Life Sciences

Filter crucibles are filters that are used like suction filters for a solid-liquid separation by means of vacuum. They are particularly suitable for precipitation that has to be dried to constant weight.
  • Filter crucibles do not have a handle so that the crucible is placed safely and e. g. the collected solid can be dried.
  • Narrows towards the floor and reduces potential contamination of the rubber sleeve.
  • Made of DURAN® glass with the proven properties such as chemical resistance and high resistance to temperature changes.
  • USP standard glass.
DURAN® Filter Crucibles  DWK Life Sciences
Filter modelPorosityInhalt mlHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
filter crucible130.0036.0015052021118.68Order
filter crucible230.0036.0015052022118.68Order
filter crucible330.0036.0015052023118.68Order
filter crucible430.0036.0015052024120.70Order
filter crucible530.0036.0015052025140.56Order
filter crucible150.0046.0015052031127.31Order
filter crucible250.0046.0015052032127.31Order
filter crucible350.0046.0015052033127.31Order
filter crucible450.0046.0015052034131.45Order
filter crucible550.0046.0015052035163.85Order
Also available with 8 and 15 ml capacity, on request.

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