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Body Emergency Showers with Safety Eye Showers

Body safety showers with safety eye showers for wall mounting, exposed pipe work. Optionally with or without bowl made of st. steel.
  • Wall shower ¾" made of brass, throat depth 625 mm.
  • Wall flange ¾" made of brass, water connection ¾"-IG.
  • Ball valve ¾" made of st. steel, with pull rod operation.
  • Pull rod made of steel, length 700 mm.
  • High performance shower head made of chemically resistant plastic, with good jet, noncorrosive, largely free of calcination and maintenance, very robust, self-draining.
  • Panel made of steel, length 130 mm, with huge signal 'PUSH', long persistent acc. to DIN 67510.
  • Ball valve 90° operation made of st. steel, not self-locking.
  • Large-scale dispersion of water via high performance spray head: with plastic spray plate, calcination-poor, with rubber cover and tightly closing screw cap with hinge mechanism, mounted via distribultion fork made of brass.
  • Integrated automatic flow limiting device 14 l / min.
  • Connecting thread ½" made of brass, length 100 mm.
  • Label for body and eye shower acc. to DIN 4844-2-D and BGV A8, self-adhesive 150 x 150 mm.
  • Acc. to DIN EN 15154-1:2006 and DIN EN 15154-2:2006.
  • Acc. to DIN 12899-3:2008 and ANSI Z358.1-2004.
  • DIN-DVGW tested and approved.

Without bowl:
  • Safety eye shower with two spray heads 45° angled, made of brass.
  • Panel length 130 mm.

With bowl:
  • Safety eye shower with two spray heads and bowl made of st. steel, Ø 275 mm, chemically resistant green powder-coated, draining connection 1¼"-AG.
  • Spray heads made of brass.
Technical Data:
Flow rate at 1.5 bar flow pressure:60 l / min
Pull rod / wall flange / wall shower:chemically resistant powder-coated
Panel / spray heads / distribultion fork / connecting thread:chemically resistant green powder-coated
Body Emergency Showers with Safety Eye Showers  B-SAFETY
TypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Without bowl154227171887.00Order
With bowl1542271811,066.00Order

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