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PEN-PRO / PEN-URIN S. G. Refractometers

One-handed operation.
  • ELI function: warning message when intense direct light is detected.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).
  • Calibration with water.
  • Water resistant (IP65).

Fast and continuous measurements with non-homogenous samples. Once the start key is pressed, measurements are taken every second. Different samples of liquids of similar concentration and of minimum viscosity can be measured one after another.
  • With prism head (IP67), sleek prism housing design for easy cleanup.
  • The Brix (%) will be displayed in approx. 2 s, continuous measurements allow displaying the current value each second.
  • ZERO key to perform zero-setting.
  • With strap holder, battery case cover and LCD display.

Messures the specific gravity of urine in samples.
  • After pressing the start button, the value will be displayed in approx. 2 s.
  • With storage case.
Technical Data:
Resolution:0.1 %
Power supply:1 x size AAA alkaline battery
Dimensions (W x D x H):16 x 3.8 x 1.8 cm
Weight:70 g
Measurement range:0.0 to 85.0 %
Measurement accuracy:± 0.2 %
Sample temperature:10 to 60 °C
Ambient temperature:10 to 40 °C
Measurement range:S. G. 10000 to 10600
Measurement accuracy:± 0.1 %
Measurement temperature:10 to 35 °C
Max. Messwert:85.00 [%Brix]
PEN-PRO /  PEN-URIN S. G. Refractometers  ATAGO®
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