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Safety Eye Showers

Safety eye showers with two spray heads alternatively for table mounting or wall flush-mounting.

Panel made of steel (130 mm), with huge signal 'PUSH', long persistent acc. to DIN 67510. Ball valve 90°-operation made of st. steel, not self-locking, DIN-DVGW tested and approved. Large-scale dispersion of water via high performance spray head made of brass 45° angled, with plastic spray plate, calcination-poor, with rubber cover and tightly closing screw cap with hinge mechanism, mounted via distribultion fork made of brass.
  • Integrated automatic flow limiting device 14 l / min.
  • Label for eye shower acc. to DIN 4844-2-D and BGV A8, self-adhesive 150 x 150 mm.
  • Acc. to DIN EN 15154-2:2006 and ANSI Z358.1-2004.
  • Panel / spray heads / spray plate are chemically resistant green powder-coated.
  • Overall width incl. lever: 240 mm.

Safety eye shower for table mounting:
  • Connecting thread ½" AG, 60 mm, mounting kit with screw nut G½" with 2 screws M5 for difficult to access installations, distribution disc, fixed rosette, sealing for mounting surface via o-ring.
  • Height 180 mm.

Safety eye shower for wall flush-mounting:
  • Connecting pipe ½" made of brass, chemically resistant green powder-coated (100 mm), water connection ½" AG.
  • Throat depth: 280 mm.
Safety Eye Showers  B-SAFETY
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Safety eye showertable154227201257.00Order
Safety eye showerwall154227211268.00Order

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