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Greiner Bio-One 
Petri Dishes

  • PS.
  • Heavy type for a higher heat resistance for applications with hot agar.
  • With and without vents.
Petri Dishes
MaterialDiameterHöheTypePUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
PS35.0010.00Light version, with vents74054080351 132.53Order
PS60.0015.00Light version, with vents60054080401 86.88Order
PS94.0016.00Heavy version, with vents48054080451 78.05Order
PS94.0016.00Heavy version, without vents48054080471 77.04Order
PS94.0016.00Light version, without vents48054080941 63.46Order
PS94.0016.00Light version, with vents48054080951 63.46Order

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