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Multi 3630 IDS Triple Channel Instrument

MultiLine® handhelds with intelligent and digital IDS sensors are suited for all multiparameter applications. The signals are directly processed in the sensor.
  • Each sensor logs on the instrument and transfers its ID data incl. calibration records.
  • No danger of confusion, the digital signal transfer allows the use of long cables for all parameters.
  • The unique QSC functionality for IDS pH sensors gives a realistic rating of the current sensor condition.
  • The pH CMC indicates the optimum pH measuring range.
  • A wide range of IDS pH, conductivity and DO probes covers almost any application.
  • Universal waterproof quick-locks secure the sensor against loss.
  • Robust and waterproof (IP 67) MultiLine® handhelds.
  • Colour graphic display (TFT colour graphic).
  • Excellent handling comfort with special silicone keypad.
  • USB interface, output: USB host (memory stick, selected printer), mini USB (PC).
  • Energy-efficient operation with NIMH-rechargeable batteries.
  • Available as field case sets including sensors and accessories.
Technical Data:
Display:backlit colour graphic
Measuring channels:1, 2, or 3 (universal) for IDS sensors
Measurement range:depending on IDS sensor
Memory:500 manually
10000 automatic
Logger:manually / time controlled
Interface:mini USB-B, USB-A
For simultaneous measurement of up to 3 equal or different parameters.
Gelöste Festtoffeno
Descriptionelectrode SenTix® 940, FDO® 925, TetraCon® 925
Multi 3630 IDS Triple Channel Instrument  WTW
TypeElectrodeTypeAnzahl MesskanälepH-MessungPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Triple channel instrument Multi 3630 IDS SET FSenTix® 940, FDO® 925, TetraCon® 925Triple channel instrument Multi 3630 IDS SET F3yes15443261-0011on demand 
* For specification of electrodes see Order No. 5422381 to 5422398.
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