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twin.tec® real-time PCR Plates 96 and 384

twin.tec® real-time PCR plates offer all features of regular twin.tec® plates and give additional functions of white wells for real-time PCR. The wells reduce interfering background fluorescence and lead to increased homogeneity of replicates and reproducible results.
  • Easy manual or automated handling due to rigidity of the PC frame.
  • White wells (PP) for better reflection.
  • High mechanical stability.
  • Raised rims for effective sealing.
  • Skirted (stackable) and semiskirted plates.
  • Good heat transfer due to reduced wall thickness.
  • Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min).
  • Sterile, PCR-clean (free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR-inhibitors) and pyrogen-free.
  • Forensic DNA Grade acc. to ISO 18385.
twin.tec® real-time PCR Plates 96 and 384  Eppendorf
Anzahl WellsRimColourPurity gradePUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
96 wellskirtedbluePCR clean2554223191 170.00Order
96 wellskirtedwhitePCR clean2554223201 170.00Order
96 wellskirtedblackPCR clean154223211 on demand 
96 wellskirtedwhiteForensic DNA Grade1054445601 66.50Order
96 wellsemiskirtedbluePCR clean2554223221 170.00Order
96 wellsemiskirtedwhitePCR clean2554223231 170.00Order
96 wellsemiskirtedwhiteForensic DNA Grade1054445611 66.50Order
96 wellwithoutwhitePCR clean2054259021 108.00Order
96 wellwithoutbluePCR clean2054259031 108.00Order
384 wellskirtedwhitePCR clean154289051 on demand 
384 wellskirtedbluePCR clean154289061 on demand 

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