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Compact Automatic Burettes with PE Bottle

Modular automatic burette concept. Fast to dismantle and easy to clean. All individual components are replaceable.
  • DIN EN ISO 385.
  • Detachable PTFE stopcock.
  • Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex).

BLAUBRAND® with PE-bottle:
Class AS, DE-M marking, Boro 3.3. Incl. batch number and accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. (Also available with USP individual certificate on request.)

SILBERBRAND with PE-bottle:
AR-GLAS®, error limits acc. to class B, DIN EN ISO 385.

SILBERBRAND amber glass with amber PE-bottle:
Borosilicate glass 5.4, error limit 25 and 50 ml acc. to class B, DIN EN ISO 385.

Items supplied:
Burette tube with Schellbach stripe and automatic zeroing, stopcock with precision tip, filling tube (PVC, transparent) and 1000 ml PE-bottle and base.
Stopcock directionno indication
Stopcock versionno indication
Compact Automatic Burettes with PE Bottle  BRAND
Compact Automatic Burettes with PE Bottle  BRAND
Compact Automatic Burettes with PE Bottle  BRAND
Inhalt mlError limit ± [ml]TeilungLength [mm]MaterialDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
10.000.0200.02775.00no indicationBLAUBRAND®154222441108.80Order
25.000.0300.05785.00no indicationBLAUBRAND®154222451108.80Order
50.000.0500.10790.00no indicationBLAUBRAND®154222461108.80Order
10.000.0500.05455.00no indicationSILBERBRAND15422247194.80Order
25.000.0800.10520.00no indicationSILBERBRAND15422248194.80Order
50.000.1000.10730.00no indicationSILBERBRAND15422249194.80Order
25.000.0800.10495.00amber glassSILBERBRAND154222501125.30Order
50.000.1000.10780.00amber glassSILBERBRAND154222511125.30Order
* Reduced distance between subdivision marks.
Please order supports, burette clamps and rubber blowballs separately.
Accessories for compact automatic burettes / BRAND

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