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Compact Automatic Burettes with Glass Bottle

Modular automatic burette concept. Fast to dismantle and easy to clean. All individual components are replaceable.
  • DIN EN ISO 385.
  • Detachable PTFE stopcock.
  • Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex).

BLAUBRAND® with glass bottle:
Class AS, DE-M marking, Boro 3.3. Incl. batch number and accompanying batch certificate in original packaging. (Also available with USP individual certificate on request.)

Items supplied:
Burette tube with Schellbach stripe and automatic zeroing, stopcock with precision tip, filling tube (PVC, transparent), pumphead* and 2000 ml bottle (soda-lime glass).
Compact Automatic Burettes with Glass Bottle  BRAND
Volume mlSubdivision mlError limit ± mlLength mmVersionPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
100.020.02775BLAUBRAND®154222361 125.25Order
250.050.03785BLAUBRAND®154222371 125.25Order
500.10.05790BLAUBRAND®154222381 125.25Order
10**0.050.05455SILBERBRAND154222391 on demand 
25**0.10.08520SILBERBRAND154222401 on demand 
50**0.10.10730SILBERBRAND154222411 on demand 
25**0.10.08495SILBERBRAND, amber glass154222421 on demand 
500.10.10780SILBERBRAND, amber glass154222431 on demand 
Please order supports, burette clamps and rubber blowballs separately.
Accessories for compact automatic burettes / BRAND

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