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Cytiva Filter Circles, Quantitative, Grade 44 (Ashless)

Thin version of Grade 42 retaining very fine particles but with lower ash weight per sample and almost twice the flow rate of Grade 42.
Particle retention:3 µm
Filtration speed:995 s
Weight:80 g / m2
Thickness:0.18 mm
Ash:0.007 %
Filter typefilter circle
Filtration time~[s]995.00
TypeHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Grade 4470.001005421935120.51Order
Grade 4490.001005421936125.39Order
Grade 44110.001005421937136.63Order
Grade 44125.001005421938142.88Order
Grade 44150.001005421939157.16Order
Grade 44185.001005421940183.89Order
Grade 44240.0010054219411143.17Order

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