Thermo Scientific
MaxQ 8000 Stackable Orbital Shakers

The Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 shaker product line incl. stackable models in both refrigerated and incubated configurations. Incubated and refrigerated model are specially designed for laboratory professionals seeking high capacity shakers but lacking the floor space to accommodate multiple large floor models. All models feature an insulated, fold-down door with wide-view window for high visibility.
  • Microprocessor control / monitoring system for easy use: run points and set points are displayed simultaneously.
  • Triple counterbalanced mechanism provides optimum handling of full or unbalanced loads, regardless of flask placement.
  • Heavy-duty, eccentric drive mechanism allows extended speed ranges from 25 to 400 min-1, ± 1 min-1 with min. vibration, even when shakers are stacked three-high.
  • Slideout shaker platform provides convenient access to the product.
  • HEPA filter ensures that air inside the unit remains clean and reduces cross contamination so culturing conditions are improved.
  • Flip-down handle / latch on the quick-release base prevents the shaker from running if the universal or dedicated platform is not secured.
  • Easy-to-clean platforms are constructed of heavy-duty, brushed anodised aluminium, which does not chip or rust.
  • Heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel exterior is designed to safely support units stacked three high.
  • Crevice-free type 304 st. steel chamber with coved corners and built-in drain keeps spills within the work area and promotes easy cleaning.
  • Chamber is tall enough to hold 2 l Erlenmeyer flasks.
  • Chamber Xenon light with switch improves visibility.
  • Standard remote alarm contacts allow convenient monitoring of alarm conditions from another location.
Technical Data:
Speed range:25 to 400 min-1
Motor rating:0.25 kW
Inner dimensions (D x W x H):60.5 x 84.6 x 30.0 cm
Temperature:10 °C over room temperature to 60 °C (without cooling)
5 or 20 °C under room temperature to 60 °C (with cooling)
Thermo Scientific  MaxQ™ 8000 Stackable Orbital Shakers
TypeVoltage VOutside dimensions (H x W x D) mmWeight kgPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Without cooling23063.4 x 118.1 x 84.6247.215421331113,349.00Order
With cooling23063.5 x 143.5 x 84.6276.715421333115,914.00Order
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