SI Analytics®
Accessories for Lab- and ProLab-Instruments

TypeForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Z 390, RS232 6-pole cable for connection to PCall Lab and ProLab instruments154205661123.00Order
Z 396, software for documentationLab 860 / 870 / 960 / 970 and all ProLab instruments154205671on demand 
Z 850, universal power supply unit, 230 and 120 Vall Lab and ProLab instruments154205681on demand 
Z 865, stand set S4D, including arm and electrode holderall Lab and ProLab instruments154205691273.00Order
Z 875, USB cableLab 860 / 870 / 960 / 970 and all ProLab nstruments with USB (slave)154205701on demand 
Z 876,user recognition transponderall ProLab instruments154205711on demand 
Z 880, coverall Lab nstruments154205721on demand 
Z 881, coverall ProLab instruments154205731on demand 
Z 890, universal paper printer Star SP-712 (9-matrix printer)all Lab and ProLab instruments154205741605.00Order
Z 891, ink riboon (black) for printer Z 890all Lab and ProLab instruments154205751on demand 
Z 892, printer paper role for printer Z 890all Lab and ProLab instruments154205761on demand 
Z 893, connecting cable for connection of printer Z 890all Lab and ProLab instruments154205771on demand