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epT.I.P.S.® LoRetention

  • Innovative method of material modification, transfer of almost 100 % of the liquid picked up.
  • Ultrahomogeneous / ultrahydrophobic surface for maximum reproducibility and minimum loss of sample.
  • Air bubbles and foaming are signifcantly reduced during pipetting.
  • Autoclavable, high chemical resistance.
  • 5 years shelf live.
  • Available as ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®, in PCR clean and Eppendorf Quality.
  • Simple differentiation of racks and reloads through a clear lid with a white seal. When open, the writing 'LoRetention' can be seen from the inside. The reusable seal makes it possible to label existing epT.I.P.S.® boxes.
Purity gradeno indication
DNAse / RNAse-freeno
Filter tipno
Farbcodekeine Angabe
epT.I.P.S.® LoRetention  Eppendorf
epT.I.P.S.® LoRetention  Eppendorf
epT.I.P.S.® LoRetention  Eppendorf
TypeMin. VolumenMax. VolumenSterilePackungPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
Reloads, PCR clean0.1010.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202311 on demand 
Reloads, PCR clean0.5020.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202321 on demand 
Reloads, PCR clean2.00200.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202331 on demand 
Reloads, PCR clean50.001000.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202341 on demand 
Reloads, Eppendorf Quality0.1010.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202351 on demand 
Reloads, Eppendorf Quality0.5020.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202361 on demand 
Reloads, Eppendorf Quality2.00200.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202371 on demand 
Reloads, Eppendorf Quality50.001000.00no10 trays of 96 tips154202381 on demand 
Dualfilter, PCR clean, sterile0.1010.00yes10 trays of 96 tips155659281 on demand 
Dualfilter, PCR clean, sterile0.5020.00yes10 trays of 96 tips155659291 on demand 
Dualfilter, PCR clean, sterile2.00300.00yes10 trays of 96 tips155659321 on demand 
Dualfilter, PCR clean, sterile2.00200.00yes10 trays of 96 tips155659311 on demand 
Dualfilter, PCR clean, sterile2.00100.00yes10 trays of 96 tips155659301 on demand 
Dualfilter, PCR clean, sterile50.001000.00yes10 trays of 96 tips155659331 on demand 
LoRetention set, Eppendorf Quality0.1010.00no5 x 96 tips + 1 box, dark grey154270621 on demand 
LoRetention set, Eppendorf Quality0.5020.00no5 x 96 tips + 1 box, light grey154270631 on demand 
LoRetention set, Eppendorf Quality2.00200.00no5 x 96 tips + 1 box, yellow154270641 on demand 
LoRetention set, Eppendorf Quality50.001000.00no5 x 96 tips + 1 box, blue154270651 on demand 

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