Premium Microbalance ME36S

This ME36S microbalance features an exceptionally high weighing capacity of 31 g and a readability of 1 µg. The ME36S is designed for weighing smallest sample quantities even in relatively heavy or bulky sample containers. The separate installation of weighing unit and display and / or electronic unit not only reduces thermal disturbances, but also delivers absolutely reliable weighing results. By virtue of its unique design, the ME36S display and weighing units are close enough for ideal operating convenience, with optimal spacing for ergonomic handling of microscopic sample quantities. As inspection, measuring and test equipment, this balance provides the ideal support within quality systems, leaving virtually no requirement unfulfilled.
  • Flexible draft shield system with 3 independently motorised draft shield elements for fully automatic, intuitive operating at the press of a key.
  • Large, palm-activated keys with an intelligent learning function for user-friendly operation of the draft shield.
  • Backlit, graphical display for consistently bright weight readouts.
  • Text prompts in plain English (other languages also selectable) guide you quickly and confidently in configuring the balance.
  • The SQmin function displays the minimum allowable sample weight in accordance with the United States Pharmacopeia (can be activated by Sartorius Service).
  • S.U.R.E. function for dynamic display of the uncertainty of measurement and process accuracy in accordance with German Calibration Service (DKD) standards for continuous monitoring during all weighing routines (this function is activated by Sartorius Service).
  • IsoCAL: fully automatic calibration / adjustment function with memory for calibration records.
  • ISO / GLP-compliant, user-configurable records.
  • Input capability for alphanumeric sample IDs.
  • 14 built-in application programmes as standard features, such as differential weighing programme for up to 999 samples, statistical evaluation, calculation of weights using a definable factor or equation, air density determination.
  • Bidirectional RS232C data interface and additional interface for Sartorius data printer.
Sartorius  Premium Microbalance ME36S
ModelReadability mgWeighing range gDish Ø mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ME36S0.0013130159029871on demand