Accessories for arium® pro Ultrapure Water Systems

DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Analytical kit, cartridge setfor arium® VF and UV ultrapure water systems154304901775.00Order
Biological kit, cartridge setfor arium® UF ultrapure water systems154304911775.00Order
Elemental kit, cartridge setfor arium® basic and DI ultrapure water systems154304921775.00Order
Universal kit, cartridge setfor arium® ultrapure water systems, applications with feed water154304931532.00Order
Sanitisation kit for tank1 syringe15914650130.80Order
UV lamp 159146521367.00Order
UF hollow fibre filter 1591465311,080.00Order
Removable display and dispense unitcomplete with wall bracket, under bench mounting set159146551on demand 
Conversion kitbuilt-in unit160082441596.00Order