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Biomedical Freezers MDF-137 / -237 / -437

In the biotechnology field, these instruments provide effective storage of enzymes for genetic research, as well as culture media, reagents and samples for testing. In the industrial field, they are ideal for ageing and temperature tests on electronic components, precision devices, and compound resins. As a storage environment, with excellent safety features, easy operability, and a host of other features, these freezers offer unsurpassed reliability and functionality.
  • Front-mounted display / control panel (with new microprocessor) located at convenient height.
  • Memory backup.
  • Temperature display.
  • Front access calibration for 7-day temperature recorder.
  • The control panel, alarm system and non-volatile memory are the same for all models in the series.
  • Single electrical box makes servicing simpler.
  • The chamber temperature is displayed for 5 s if BUZZER key is depressed during power failure alarm.
  • After a power outage, operation resumes at preoutage settings (non-volatile memory for temperature and alarm temperature settings).
  • Control panel can be reset to zero for validation.
  • Access ports.
  • Four casters and two adjustable feet.
  • Environment friendly: HFC refrigerant R-404A (non-CFC, non-HCFC refrigerant) is environment-friendly and offers superb performance. Pre-coated metal body causes less environmental damage than conventional paint coating.
  • Alarm and temperature recording system.
  • Remote alarm contact.
  • Self diagnostics ("E" messages shown in red figures).
  • Breaker switch turns power off in event of over current abnormality.
  • Balance hinge door stops at any angle from 35 to 90º for convenience and safety.
  • Balance hinge allows a free choice of opening angle (chest type).
Technical Data:
Control range:- 20 to - 35 °C
Cooling system:hermetic rotary compressor
Alarm System:high / low temperature alarm (SV ± 5 to ± 15 °C adjustable), power failure, remote alarm contact
Calibration:zero adjustment via control panel
Max. Arbeitstemperatur-20.00 °C
Interior explosion-proofno
Defrosting methodno indication
Substructure capableno indication
Recirculating air coolingno
Biomedical Freezers MDF-137 / -237 / -437  Panasonic
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