Autoclave Models HG / HGS / HGD

Lid with fast locking device and pressure are made from st. steel (SUS 304). For easy cleaning the pressure chamber is polished. The housing is powder coated and also easy to clean. Additional heat protection under the lid handle. The main switch is built-in and is protected by unintentional using. 2 recessed handles facilitate easy manipulation. The feed-water-level is controlled and low water level is indicated. For protection of heating elements the autoclave cannot be started without enough water. An optional feed water connection automatically controls the water level.

The exhaust steam condenser cools steam and condensate. This prevents fogging of instruments and unpleasant odours. Loading height is only 750 mm without edges and eyelet at which baskets can get caught. The central quick lock can be actuated with one finger touch. An optional thermo lock with sterilisation time control prevents hazards to the laboratory staff by delayed boiling. The lid remains closed until overpressure inside of sterilisation chamber is balanced. The heat resistant plastic cover protects for touching of hot parts. The lid gasket is a part of the lid, swings towards the top and cannot be damaged by baskets or similar things. There is space for 2 baskets inside.
  • Safety valve.
  • Pressure control of max. pressure.
  • Limiter for max. chamber temperature.
  • Safety sensor for heating elements.
  • Approval by TÜV Bayern e. V., CE-mark.
  • There are 12 installed sterilisation programmes available (according equipment).
  • Liquid programme including warming programme / without warming programme / with fast recooling or water cooling (depends on model).
  • Solid sterilisation.
  • AGAR programme.
  • Dissolution programmes.
  • Sterilisation temperature and time can be easily changed before sterilisation start. The steam exhaust (cooling time) is adjustable, for sterilisation of sensitive media.
  • Timer controlled sterilisation start (overnight programme). This offers an additionally sterilisation. With this programme it is possible to have a ready-to-use AGAR in the morning.
  • Flexible area code of the ventilation time - so also Durham small tubes can be sterilised.
  • The programme works from start to end of sterilisation full automatically. The temperature is controlled either direct inside liquids (flexible temperature sensor, optional) or inside the chamber.
  • The process is temperature controlled and for shortening of heating-up-time additionally pressure controlled.
  • HGS: device with steam generator and water cooling; connections to demineralised water supply and drainage system are necessary.
  • HGD: additional vacuum, needs to be connected to industrial water.
Technical Data:
Working temperature:105 to 135 ° C
Max. chamber pressure:2.5 bar
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
HMC  Autoclave Models HG / HGS / HGD
HMC  Autoclave Models HG / HGS / HGDHMC  Autoclave Models HG / HGS / HGDHMC  Autoclave Models HG / HGS / HGD   
DescriptionChamber capacity lChamber dimensionsDimensions mmPower kWWeight kgCapacity basketsPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Steam steraliser HG 5050Ø 364 mm, H 482 mm455 x 691 x 9002.0412157318001on demand 
Steam steraliser HG 8080Ø 364 mm, H 730 mm455 x 691 x 10303.7823157318061on demand 
Steam steraliser HG 113, USB113Ø 500 mm, H 552 mm686 x 870 x 9305.81372154424281on demand 
Steam steraliser HGS 113*, steam generator, USB, water cooling113Ø 500 mm, H 552 mm686 x 870 x 9306.81532154424301on demand 
Steam steraliser HGD 113*, SG, vacuum, USB, water cooling113Ø 500 mm, H 552 mm686 x 870 x 9306.81532154424321on demand 
Steam steraliser HG 133, USB133Ø 500 mm, H 656 mm686 x 870 x 10345.81452154424291on demand 
Steam steraliser HGS 133*, steam generator, USB, water cooling133Ø 500 mm, H 656 mm686 x 870 x 10347.11612 / 3154424311on demand 
Steam steraliser HGD 133*, SG, vacuum, USB, water cooling133Ø 500 mm, H 656 mm686 x 870 x 10347.11612 / 3154424331on demand 
Automatic feed water connection for HG 50      157318051on demand 
Automatic feed water connection for HG 80      157318071on demand 
* For installation, special on-site requirements at the customers side are necessary.
Accessories for autoclaves HG 50 and HG 80 / HMC