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Plastic Dispersing Elements for T 18 digital ULTRA-TURRAX®

  • Plastic dispersing elements are ideal for those applications where absolutely no cross-contamination is permitted. They are disposable and can be thrown away after a single use.
  • The element is disposable and designed for one-way use. However, it can be re-used several times in applications where this is permitted, make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions carefully.
  • Example use: homogenising tissue samples, particularly suitable for PCR analysis.
  • Easy handling and sterilisability (autoclavable).
  • Plastic materials approved by FDA.
  • Robust plastic material can be used for tempered media up to 100 °C.
  • Tools can be disassembled very easily.
  • Shaft length: 150 mm
  • Materials in contact with medium: PC, PEEK
Immersion depth min. / max.:15 / 85 mm
Min. working range10.00 [ml]
ForRotor-ØMax. working rangeTypeØ StatorCircumferential speedDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ULTRA-TURRAX T 186.75100.0010 to 10010.008.50S 18 D - 10 G - KS1255708441265.00Order
ULTRA-TURRAX T 189.50500.0010 to 50014.0012.00S 18 D - 14 G - KS1255708461265.00Order

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