Thermo Scientific
Cytoperm 2 CO2 Incubator

Meets stringent requirements, essential for demanding research in pharmaceutical, cancer, AIDS, vaccine production and IVF fields and other applications involving sensitive or infectious samples. The high performance Cytoperm 2 controls temperature, CO2 content and even relative humidity levels with exceptional precision to simulate the natural environment of cells.
  • Convenient hot air disinfection at 180 °C without the needfor removing fittings or sensors.
  • Humidity water safely located outside the culture chamber.
  • Unique pyrolytic germ barrier sterilises external humidity water prior to introduction into the culture chamber.
  • Full humidity control and display.
  • Reliable air jacketed heating system.
  • Contamination prevention against bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and mycoplasmas by advanced design.
  • External water reservoir.
  • Gas-tight screen: Six individually sealed glass doors which allow segmented access to individual sections of the incubator are provided as standard.
  • Constant environmental parameters.
  • Temperature is microprocessor controlled with a Pt 100 sensor.
  • The relative humidity is controlled with a microprocessor. The maintenance-free sensor operates in accordance with the capacitive humidity measuring principle. The water reservoir for humidification is located outside the work space and is easy to fill, empty and monitor.
  • CO2 control using auto-zero, microprocessor controlled.
  • Auto-start function.
  • Locking of set values unauthorised alterations of the incubation conditions are prevented.
  • Over-temperature protection.
  • Alarm and error diagnosis.
  • Lockable door.
  • Safety during power failure: All operating parameters remain stored in the event of a power failure. When power is restored, the unit automatically returns to standard operation and immediately reinstates the set parameters.
Technical Data:
External size (W x H x D):
Internal size (W x H x D):
920 x 855 x 775 mm
607 x 669 x 585 mm
Volume (W x H x D):220 l
Work space and fittings:stainless steel
Disinfection routine:verified by an accredited laboratory
Disinfection temperature on all surface areas:180 °C / 3 h
Disinfection routine:approx. 12 h
Efficiency spectrum:bacteria, fungi, spores (USP 23)
Measurement and control range:ambient temperature + 5 to 50 °C
60 to 95 % rH
0 to 20 CO2 vol. %
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Weight:107 kg
Thermo Scientific  Cytoperm 2 CO2 Incubator
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