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Accessories for Chest and Upright Freezers

Safety cooling system for chest and upright freezers with traditional refrigerants.
CO2 / LN2 safety cooling systems for connection to a 230 V emergency power system or for battery-powered operation (supplied with power by a battery provided with the system for around 60 h). The temperature in the cabinet is kept constant at a freely selectable value (0 to - 70 °C) by controlled injection of LN2 or CO2 when the main cooling system fails. For chest freezers with a volume of at least 70 l and upright freezers starting at a volume of 300 l storage space.

Refrigerant vessel is not included in scope of supply.
Accessories for Chest and Upright Freezers  GFL
TypeForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
6941a LN2-safety cooling system230 V154474301on demand 
6941b LN2-safety cooling systembattery154474311on demand 
6943a CO2-safety cooling system230 V154474321on demand 
6943b CO2-safety cooling systembattery154474331on demand 
6946a LN2-safety cooling system230 V1569945211,584.00Order
6946b LN2-safety cooling systembattery1569945311,891.00Order
6947a CO2-safety cooling system230 V1569944711,584.00Order
6947b CO2-safety cooling systembattery1569945111,891.00Order

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