Laminar Airflow Product Protection Cabinets CleanAir DLF

This product protection cabinet with a vertical laminar airflow offers highest product protection and the low noise level 58 dBA allows relaxed work. For handling of non-hazardous materials that require a clean particle free environment. Safety glass sliding window. The DLF / PCR 360 with UV light mounted on the backwall with hourcounter, stainless steel interior and working surface, hinged lexane window and a night door.

Standard equipment:
  • Vertical laminar airflow.
  • Epoxy coated.
  • Counter balance safety glass sliding window.
  • The work area and working surface are standard constructed of st. steel.
  • G 4 pre-filter.
  • H14 HEPA filter.
  • Microprocessor control panel with electronic flow control.
  • LCD display for information acc. to airflow and alarm status.
Technical Data:
Outer dimensions (D x H):740 x 1360 mm
Inner dimensions (D x H):600 x 685 mm
Power input
DLF 360 / 460 / PCR 360:
DLF 560 / 660:

0.65 kW
0.7 kW
Conforms to:

95 %
EN 779
Conforms to:

99.999 % (H14)
EN 1822
Kleinfeld  Laminar Airflow Product Protection Cabinets CleanAir DLF
TypeDescriptionWidth mmWeight approx. kgTotal volume m³ / hPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
DLF / PCR 360hinged PC window985 / 885150680155366341on demand 
DLF 360safety glass sliding window985 / 885150680154224191on demand 
DLF 460safety glass sliding window1290 / 1190200900154224201on demand 
DLF 560safety glass sliding window1595 / 14952501150154224211on demand 
DLF 660safety glass sliding window1900 / 18003001360154224221on demand