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FID Gas Stations
Parker Balston

Supplies the gas requirement of up to 5 to 6 FIDs. Produces UHP zero air from house compressed air (< 0.05 mg / l THC) and 99.9995 % pure hydrogen in one enclosure. Eliminates zero air and hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory. Increases the accuracy of analysis and reduces the cleaning requirement of the detector. Recommended and used by many GC and column manufacturers. Payback period of typically less than one year. Automatic water fill standard. Silent operation and minimal operator attention required.
Technical Data:
Flow rate hydrogen:

FID-1000: 90 ml / min
FID-2500: 250 ml / min
Flow rate zero air:FID-1000: 1000 ml / min
FID-2500: 2500 ml / min
Purity:hydrogen: 99.9995 %
zero air: < 0.05 ppm THC air
Compression:hydrogen: 4.1 bar
zero air: 2.7 to 8.5 bar
Inlet port:1/4" NPT inlet thread
Outlet port:1/8" NPT compression fitting
Mains supply:230 VAC, 50 Hz, 460 W
Dimensions:502 x 324 x 575 mm
Weight:24 kg
FID Gas Stations  Parker Balston
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