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Accessories for Shaking Incubators: Shaking Trays

With holes to accept accessories (please see GFL shakers).
Accessories for Shaking Incubators: Shaking Trays  LAUDA-GFL
TypeLength [mm]BreiteForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
A000045, st. steel450.00450.00shaker VS 60 OI15837936-0011on demand 
A000046, st. Steel450.00300.00shaker VS 45 OI158379901119.00Order
A000047, 3 mm aluminium anodised670.00537.00shaker VS 150 OI15837980-0011on demand 
For accessories please see GFL shakers: adhesive mat A000041 (black, 200 x 200 mm, can be cut), test tube rack A000059 (capacities A000045: 6, A000046: 3, A000047: 9 test tube racks), test tube rack A000060 (capacities A000045: 4, A000046: 3,
A000047: 8 test tube racks), holding frame for attachment of a test plate A000061 (capacities A000045: 6, 3970: 6, A000046: 15 test plates), VS 60 OI: non-slip mat A000043, universal mount A000049.

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