Screw Cap Tubes

With conical base, screw cap from PEHD, with graduations and writing space.
SARSTEDT  Screw Cap Tubes
SARSTEDT  Screw Cap TubesSARSTEDT  Screw Cap Tubes    
Volume mlDescriptionMaterialMeasures Ø x Length mmClosurePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
10non-sterile, in bagPP16 x 100neutral, enclosed100054218051145.62Order
10sterile, in bagPP16 x 100yellow, assembled100054218061186.51Order
15non-sterile, in bagPS17 x 120yellow, assembled5005421803166.67Order
15sterile and non-pyrogenic, in styrofoam rackPP17 x 120red, assembled50054077071105.53Order
15sterile and non-pyrogenic, in bagPP17 x 120red, assembled5005421802194.90Order
15sterile and non-pyrogenic, in bagPS17 x 120yellow, assembled5005421804186.71Order
30*non-sterile, in bagPP25 x 107neutral, enclosed5005421800187.13Order
30*sterile, in bagPP25 x 107neutral, assembled50054218011125.58Order
50non-sterile, in bagPP28 x 114red, assembled3005407708152.32Order
50sterile and non-pyrogenic, in styrofoam rackPP28 x 114red, assembled154077091on demand 
50sterile and non-pyrogenic, in bagPP28 x 114red, assembled3005407710184.18Order
* Without graduations and writing space.