Screw Cap Tubes

With conical skirted base PP, screw cap PEHD, assembled.
SARSTEDT  Screw Cap Tubes
SARSTEDT  Screw Cap TubesSARSTEDT  Screw Cap Tubes    
Volume mlDescriptionMeasures Ø x Length mmClosurePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
25non-sterile25 x 90neutral5005421811180.99Order
25non-sterile, with label25 x 90neutral5005421812193.26Order
30non-sterile, with printed graduations25 x 107neutral5005421809187.13Order
30sterile, with printed graduations25 x 107neutral40054218101100.46Order
50non-sterile, with printed graduations28 x 115red3005407711165.04Order
50sterile, non-pyrogenic, with printed graduations28 x 115red3005421807184.18Order
50sterile, with printed graduations28 x 115neutral3005421808187.36Order