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Kaiser Fototechnik 
Antistatic Cleaning Cloth Kinetronics ASC

This antistatic cleaning cloth is made of a highly conductive weave with two different types of fibres. The soft basic weave of microfibres has hundreds of tiny pockets, which take up particles of dust and dirt. Specially conductive fibres ensure a high surface conduction and hence guarantee an efficient deduction of static charges. In contrast to antistatic treatment with conductive fluids or impregnations, the antistatic effect of Kinetronics is completely retained. Therefore nothing can run dry or evaporate. This reusable tissue is washable, soft and lint-free. It is ideal for cleaning film strips, electronic printed circuit boards, CDs, computer monitors, scanner glass, objectives, binoculars, touchscreens, cameras or picture frames. It prevents the formation of charges that attract dust on all surfaces that are not conductive and are therefore susceptible to this, e. g. plastic or glass.
Antistatic Cleaning Cloth Kinetronics ASC  KAISER FOTOTECHNIK®
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