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Rotating Shaker Type VS 20 OH

The robust and sturdy unit is easy to use, the height-adjustable clamping brackets allowing variousapplications, e. g. for mixing powdery, pasty or liquid samples as well as preparing soil samples andsludges. The unit is maintenance-free and comes with the CE mark.
  • Compact, low-wear drive mechanism.
  • Housing made of electrolytically galvanised, powder-coated sheet steel.
  • D/C motor with overload protection drives the unit.
  • Electronic speed control, stepless.
  • Constant speed during continuous operation.
  • Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation: main switch with control lamp, rotary selector switch for setting and LED-display for speed indication and lever for the stopping device of the rotating rack, which guarantees easy clamping of the sample vessels.
  • Rotating rack with ball bearings on both sides, able to accommodate a max. of 12 flasks / vessels, round or square / rectangular, up to a Ø of 110 mm and a height of 270 mm, in 4 height-adjustable planes. Drive is implemented via a toothed belt and a sliding hub.
  • Frame for safe, secure clamping of the sample vessels, made of st. steel.
  • For use in ambient temperatures between 10 and 40 °C.
Technical Data:
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):770 x 700 x 715 mm
Load:max. 20 kg with uniform load distribution
Motion:orbital rotating
Capacity:max. 12 bottles / vessels
Bottle / vessel dimensions:height-adjustable clamping bracket, up to max. 270 mm height; max. 110 mm Ø, round or square / rectangular
Shaking frequency:1 to 20 min-1
Mains supply:230 V, 50 to 60 Hz, 100 W
Weight:62 kg
Rotating Shaker Type VS 20 OH  LAUDA
TypeMax. vessel height [mm]Max. vessel Ø [mm]Anzahl der StäbePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
VS 20 OH270.00110.00121583793113,560.00Order
Other voltage is available on request.
Supplied without illustrated vessels.

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