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Syringe Filters CHROMAFIL® Polyester (PET)

Syringe filters are used for filtration of suspended matter from liquid samples or gases. With CHROMAFIL®, rapid purification and removal of particles are very simple: just place the filter on the syringe and you are ready for filtration. Special manipulations are not required. Contamination of sensitive instrumentation by solid impurities can be avoided, thus increasing lifetime of chromatographic columns and eqiupment. The membrane housing consists of PP. This material is very resistant towards most solvents and has a very low content of extractable substances. Thus it can be used with almost all solvents, acids and bases (see table). The special thick rim of the housing is ideal for use of the filters in laboratory robots (e. g. SOTAX AT70smart). Filter inlet and filter exit can be fitted to the CHROMABOND® columns for selective sample preparation with the aid of a special adapter.

HPLC certificate: available on request.
PP housing: better solvent stability compared to acrylate and polystyrene filters.
Shells ultrasonically sealed, not glued: no extractable components from glues.
Filtration in both directions: the liquid cannot bypass the membranes.
Luer lock on side of entry: safe connection on the 'high pressure' side.
Luer exit: standard Luer for 3 and 25 mm filters, minispike Luer with low dead volume and small OD for 15 mm filters.
Low dead volume: ~ 80 µl for 25 mm Ø, 12 µl for 15 mm Ø, 5 µl for 3 mm Ø.
'Multipurpose membrane' for polar and nonpolar solutions, especially suited for mixtures water and organic solvents which are frequently used as eluents in HPLC (MS = minispike on filter exit) .
Membrane:no indication
Version:basin for incinerating flour
Syringe Filters CHROMAFIL® Polyester (PET)  MACHEREY-NAGEL
TypePorengrößeHöheDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
PET-20 / 15 MS0.2015.00yellow / orange10050036641129.00Order
PET-20 / 250.2025.00yellow / orange10050036661129.00Order
PET-20 / 250.2025.00yellow / orange40050036671515.00Order
PET-45 / 15 MS0.4515.00transparent / orange10050036651129.00Order
PET-45 / 250.4525.00transparent / orange10050036681129.00Order
PET-45 / 250.4525.00transparent / orange40050036691515.00Order
PET-120 / 251.2025.00transparent / black10050036701129.00Order
PET-120 / 251.2025.00transparent / black40050036711515.00Order

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