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ScienceLine pH Combination Electrode with Sensor Recognition H 64 1M-DIN-ID
SI Analytics®

Robust, durable high end laboratory electrodes for most demanding tasks in research, development, manufacturing and quality control. Reliable documentation and tracing of results due to individual serial numbers on each electrode and a quality certificate for pH and metal combination electrodes. Electrodes are easy to clean. Furthermore, they achieve stable measurement values even faster. They offer a high measurement accuracy and stability, a long service life and are highly adaptable to your measuring tasks.

Measurements in very deep or small sample vessels (e. g. NMR tubes) are possible without problems. The ScienceLine series additionally includes a micro electrode with a diameter of 5 mm and an integrated temperature sensor. For more demanding media, different diaphragms and membrane glasses can be chosen. Measurements in samples low on ions are also possible. The fast and stable display of the measured value under critical circumstances, as well as their long lifespan are due to the Silamid® reference system. In contrast to a chlorinated silver wire, the ScienceLine employs discharge cartridges. The silver coating of the inner tube makes for a 5 times larger silver surface compared to the silver wire. Hence, the stability of the potential is much higher.
Glass shaft, Silamid® reference system, sphere membrane, H glass.
Technical Data:

0 to + 100 °C, 0 to 14 pH
Connection:1 m fixed cable with DIN plug and recognition as well as a 4 mm banana plug
Length / Ø:170 mm / 12 mm
Electrolyte:KCI 3 mol / l
Temperature sensor:Pt 1000
ScienceLine pH Combination Electrode with Sensor Recognition H 64 1M-DIN-ID  SI Analytics®
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H 64 1M-DIN-ID150410961on demand 

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