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Fluorinated Rectangular Carboys with Spigot

Fluorinated PEHD, Tefzel® spigot, fluorinated PP screw closure. A carboy for storing and dispensing a variety of solvents. Space-saving rectangular shape. Tough, rigid, and translucent. Also useful for collecting and dispensing distilled water. Fluorinated surface (inside and outside) improves barrier properties and reduces solvent absorption. Fluorination enhances long-term container performance and prevents material loss due to permeation. Both sizes feature molded-in graduations to dispense in l and gal and attached stainless steel handles. Graduated / leakproof.
Fluorinated Rectangular Carboys with Spigot  Nalgene®
Capacity lDimensions mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
9216 x 146 x 343151033501133.00Order
20318 x 219 x 381151033511159.00Order

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