Thermo Scientific (Nalgene®) 
Separatory Funnels

PP, Teflon® TFE stopcock and housing, PP screw closure. Phase interface visible down to stopcock. Funnel and screw closure are chemically inert, translucent, autoclavable and have no known solvents at room temperature. They are susceptable to softening and swelling from strong oxidisers and aggressive solvents. TFE stopcock assembly has excellent chemical resistance, is leakproof and does not require lubrication. Disinfect chemically. Autoclavable, leakproof.
Nalgene®  Separatory Funnels
Volume mlRod length mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
12565*152035361on demand 
25065*152035371on demand 
50065*152035381on demand 
100065*152035391on demand 
* Rod length below stopcock.