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Conical Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tube, PPCO

PPCO, PP screw closure. These conical centrifuge tubes combine better separation / pelleting capabilities of a conical tube with the superior sealing capability of Oak Ridge tubes. Graduations silkscreened from 5 to 35 ml in 1 ml increments. Accommodate Nalgene® sealing caps (Order No. 5315739). Required conical tube adapter is available on request. Molded of PPCO for better chemical resistance. Tubes are translucent but contact clear for easy liquid viewing. Must be filled to at least 80 % of the total capacity for proper performance. Autoclavable, biohazard, transparent, graduated, leakproof.
Conical Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tube, PPCO  Nalgene®
Volume mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Note: before autoclaving, just set closure on top of the tube without engaging the threads.

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