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Centrifuge Bottle, FEP

Teflon® FEP; Tefzel® ETFE screw closure. For low-speed centrifugation of aggressive chemicals and for large-volume lipid and phenol extractions, digestions and precipitations. Resists most acids, bases and organic solvents. Autoclavable bottle rated for temperatures from - 100 to + 150 °C. Use NALGENE sealing cap assembly (Order. No. 5315734) to run this bottle at maximum recommended speed (4000 x g). When using this bottle in the Sorvall GSA rotor use the NALGENE centrifuge bottle adapter (Cat. No. DS3125- 0250). Autoclavable / leakproof / Teflon FEP.
Centrifuge Bottle, FEP  Nalgene®
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NOTE: Before autoclaving, just set closure on top of the bottle without engaging the threads. FEP centrifuge bottle must be filled to 100 % of the total capacity for proper performance.

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