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Flexible Top Works™ Systems

For NALGENE carboys and bottles with PP screw closures, platinum-cured silicone inserts. Flexible silicone top works systems include solid, 2-port and 3-port versions. Platinum-cured silicone tubing is fused through stopper to form one-piece closure system. Permits aseptic liquid transfer from most NALGENE bottles and carboys. Autoclavable, leakproof, class USPVI.
Flexible Top Works™ Systems  Nalgene®
ClosureDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
38-430with 3 connections151033331168.00Order
53Bno connection, fixed stopper151033341127.00Order
53Bwith 2 connections151033351174.00Order
53Bwith 3 connections151033361199.00Order
83Bno connection, fixed stopper151033371184.00Order
83Bwith 2 connections151033381243.00Order
83Bwith 3 connections151033391375.00Order

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