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Media-Plus Filter Units MF75™ Series   Nalgene®
Media-Plus Filter Units MF75™ Series

PS housing, 90 mm nylon membrane. Ideal for tissue-culture applications with sensitive cell lines or where a wetting agent may cause problems. Disposable, sterile filter units with large 90 mm Ø (57.2 cm2 usable surface area), nylon membrane provide good flow rates and throughput. Tissue culture-grade nylon membranes has extremely low levels of extractables (less than 0.5 % by weight), is inherently hydrophilic and contains no wetting agents. 1 ½ turn, leakproof threaded screw closure eliminates pH shift in receivers. Side-arm features a cellulosic vent plug and a quick-disconnect tubing adapter. Red collar. Certified / sterile / graduated.
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