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SAF Wärmetechnik 
Accessories for LabHEAT® Heating Mantles
SAF Wärmetechnik

Support Ring KM-TR
Made of st. steel (1.4301) to integrate the standard heating mantles series KM-G / GH within support wall.

Tripod KM-DF
Made of st. steel (1.4301) for higher stability of the standard heating mantles series KM-G / GH.

Support Clamp KM-SK
Accessories for metal-cased heating mantles and serial heating unit to fix support rods up to Ø 13 mm or to integrate the metal-cased heating mantles within support wall.
Vessel type:no indication
Controller:no indication
Accessories for LabHEAT® Heating Mantles  SAF Wärmetechnik
TypeVolumenPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Support ring KM-TR25.0015641850134.00Order
Support ring KM-TR50.0015641851134.00Order
Support ring KM-TR100.0015641852136.00Order
Support ring KM-TR250.0015641853136.00Order
Support ring KM-TR500.0015641854138.00Order
Support ring KM-TR1000.0015641855139.00Order
Support ring KM-TR2000.0015641856139.00Order
Support ring KM-TR3000.0015641857146.00Order
Support ring KM-TR4000.0015641858146.00Order
Tripod KM-DF100.0015641870196.00Order
Tripod KM-DF250.0015641871199.00Order
Tripod KM-DF500.00156418721101.00Order
Tripod KM-DF1000.00156418731104.00Order
Tripod KM-DF2000.00156418741107.00Order
Tripod KM-DF3000.00156418751121.00Order
Tripod KM-DF4000.00156418761124.00Order
Tripod KM-DF5000.00156418771139.00Order
Tripod KM-DF6000.00156418781161.00Order
Tripod KM-DF10000.00156418791177.00Order
Tripod KM-DF20000.00156418801214.00Order
Support clamp KM-SK 15641900121.40Order

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