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SAF Wärmetechnik 
LabHEAT® Metal-Cased Heating Mantles KM-M Series
SAF Wärmetechnik

For flasks, round bottom.
Flexible glass yarn heating element in plastic coated, chemical-resistant metal casing with built-in mains and heating zone switch. Max. heating element temperature 450 °C. 1.5 m power supply (earthed) cable and residual-current circuit-breaker. Mains supply: 230 V AC.
Max. heating temperature~[°C]:450.00
LabHEAT® Metal-Cased Heating Mantles KM-M Series  SAF Wärmetechnik
TypeVolumenHeating zonesAnzahl der StäbePowerMax. vessel Ø [mm]Vessel typeControllerPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M50.00115551.00round bottom flaskno156415501268.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M100.001110064.00round bottom flaskno156415511269.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M250.002115085.00round bottom flaskno156415521273.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M500.0021200105.00round bottom flaskno156415531285.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M1000.0021300131.00round bottom flaskno156415541304.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M2000.0021500166.00round bottom flaskno156415551351.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M3000.0021600185.00round bottom flaskno156415561386.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M4000.0021750207.00round bottom flaskno156415571502.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M5000.0021860223.00round bottom flaskno156415581546.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M6000.00211000236.00round bottom flaskno156415591621.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M10000.00211400279.00round bottom flaskno156415601844.00Order
Metal-cased heating mantle KM-M20000.00212000345.00round bottom flaskno1564156111,176.00Order
Support clamp KM-SK 000 no indicationno indication15641900-0011on demand 
Heating mantles for beakers are available on request.

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