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Standard Trolley

For transportation of equipment, instruments and material.
Made of chrome nickel steel 18 / 10, material 1.4301. The trolley consists of 2 round tube push-handles, Ø 25 mm, between which are welded moulded shelves. An all-round raised profile rim of large radius eliminates dirt trabs. The rim has a 35 mm flange which is crimped inwards for safety. The trolley is mounted on 4 swivel wheels, 2 lockable, Ø 125 mm, with anti-static tyres. As an option, wheels are also available in CNS. Sturdy plastic disc bumpers prevent damage.
Material:st. steel 1.4301
Standard Trolley  HUPFER®
TypeNo. of shelvesBreite, untenLänge, untenHöheGewichtHeight of top shelf [mm]Max. BelastungsgewichtOuter width [mm]LängePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
2 shelves2500.00800.00940.0015.0085380.00900.00600.00151481011381.10Order
3 shelves3500.00800.00940.0020.00853120.00900.00600.00151481041434.10Order
2 shelves2400.00600.00895.0013.0080080.00700.00500.00151481051433.00Order
3 shelves3400.00600.00895.0016.00800120.00700.00500.00151481061482.30Order
* Shelf surface load.

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