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Solvent Pumps

Foot / hand operated solvent pumps:
Made of st. steel for ultrapure liquids.
The ideal solution for filling ultrapure liquids. The medium only comes into contact with st. steel and PTFE. The pump can be completely closed off with the 2 ball valves so that no dangerous vapours can escape after dispensing.
  • For ultrapure solvents.
  • Rigid discharge tube with st. steel / PTFE stopcock.
  • 3 years guarantee.
  • Suitable for steel barrels with R2" thread.
  • DEKRA tested: zone 0 and 1, explosion groups II A, II B.

Solvent pump Mini:
High-quality hand pump for small containers such as bottles, canisters and tanks up to about 10 l. For reliable filling and dosing of solvents and readily flammable liquids.
Solvent Pumps  Bürkle
Solvent Pumps  Bürkle
Solvent Pumps  Bürkle
DescriptionImmersion depth cmPump capacity l / minPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Solvent pump Mini4045154376221411.10Order
Foot pump with fixed discharge pipe9520153038351450.30Order
Foot pump with discharge tube9520154237941603.50Order
Hand pump, 2" fine connecting thread6010154238011411.25Order
Hand pump, for tin plate canisters, bellows thread6010154238021443.55Order
Anti-static set / Bürkle
Thread adapters for solvent pump Mini / Bürkle

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