Accessories for Stirrers Hei-TORQUE

Heidolph  Accessories for Stirrers Hei-TORQUE
TypeDimensionsDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Universal stand S2425 x 420 mm, Ø stand tube: 25 mm, length: 700 mm5.8 kg155701231247.00Order
Universal stand S2 XXLØ stand tube: 25 mm, length: 1000 mm6.0 kg154316991291.00Order
Telescope standØ stand tube: 32 mm, length: 725 to 1025 mm7.7 kg154317001585.00Order
ClampØ 13 to 32 mmfor stand S2, stand S2 XXL and telescope stand158165641108.00Order
Shaft guardadjusts between 187 and 312 mmmaterial: PMMA15431705185.00Order
Stirrer guide (NS 29/32) PTFE with adjustable seal, accepts Ø 8 mm shafts15431703196.00Order
Flex-coupling incl. clamping stud for stirrer shaft, accepts max. Ø 10 mm15431704186.75Order
Flexible shaft with chuck Ø 8 mm, not for RZR 2102 control Z154317061594.00Order
Chuck8 mmfor RZR 1 stirrer15431701178.00Order
Chuck10 mmfor RZR 2020 - 2102 stirrers15431702199.00Order
Remote control with start- / stop function154317081on demand