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WYPALL* X60 Cloths

The WYPALL® X60 range has been specially designed as a lightweight, durable cloth designed to tackle a variety of light-duty wiping tasks. Leading the way in versatility, our goal is to support you in improving productivity and efficiency whilst reducing waste by delivering a clean, reliably consistent and reusable cloth. Advanced hydroknit technology ensures each cloth is lightweight yet absorbent, helping to reduce residue and allows versatile cleaning across a variety of tasks. Perfect for use in industrial manufacturing, the cloth is ideal for removing light oil, adhesives and debris and equally suitable for cleaning glass and gloss surfaces.
WYPALL*  X60 Cloths  Kimberly-Clark
DescriptionSize mmPackungPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Q-fold305 x 318of 76 wipes1254130341266.90Order
Large roll420 x 380of 750 wipes154130361on demand 

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