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Transferpette® S

The piston-operated pipettes Transferpette® S from BRAND are the perfect manual pipettes for the most demanding applications in the lab! They include all of the features requested by Life Science users: rugged construction, one-hand volume adjustment, complete autoclavability, highest precision, and Easy Calibration™ technology for convenient, long-term reliability.
Transferpette® S features at a glance:
  • Large, central pipetting button and separate ejection function.
  • Ergonomic finger rest that adapts to your hand for a relaxed grip.
  • True one-handed operation - volume setting for both right-and left-handers.
  • Volume-change protection.
  • Completely autoclavable at 121°C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285.
  • 4-position volume display, always clearly visible, for highest precision.
  • Transferpette® S features Easy Calibration technique - readjustment without special tools. Changes from factory settings are clearly visible externally.
  • Short stroke of only 12.5 mm to reduce the risk of RSI.
  • Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector for durability.
  • Variable and fixed-volume models in the volume range from 0.1 µl to 10 ml.
  • Color-coding for easy tip selection.
  • CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 EC.

Transferpette® S, Fixed volume
Items supplied:

Transferpette® S, Fixed volume, DE-M marking, with performance certificate, wall/rack mount and silicone grease.

Transferpette® S, Adjustable volume
Items supplied:

Transferpette® S, Adjustable volume, DE-M marking, with performance certificate, wall/rack mount and silicone grease.
No. of channels:1-channel
Volume adjustment:variable
Pipette version:IVD
Colour code:[_7/2_]
For:1000 to 10000 μl tips
Transferpette® S  BRAND
TypeMin. VolumenMax. VolumenA* <= [%]CV* <= [%}PUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
Transferpette® S, adjustable volume, D-100001000.0010000.000.600.20152802171 on demand 
Calibrated to deliver TD, »Ex«. Error limits acc. to the nominal capacity (= max. volume) indicated on the instrument.
*** Filter tips.
Pipette calibration / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette service and repair / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration and 'as found' / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration, repair and 'as found' / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM

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