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Compact Peristaltic Pumps ECOLINE

Flow rate range 0.25 to 5400 ml / min.
Robust, value-for-money tubing pump for a wide range of flow rates. Stainless steel housing. Simple controls. For all laboratory and industrial pumping applications.

ECOLINE VC-280, VC-380 and VC-360:
Single-channel tubing pump with micro-processor controlled drive and 2-digit digital potentiometer for precise and repeatable speed setting (1 to 99 %, resolution 1 %, 2-digit potentiometer). Analogue interface for start / stop and rotation direction (floating contact) and speed control (3.5 to 350 min-1).

ECOLINE VC-281 and VC-381:
Please see data from ECOLINE VC-280 and VC-380. Only contains rotors for pumping-tubes with a wall thickness of 2.4 mm.
Compact Peristaltic Pumps ECOLINE  ISMATEC
TypeFlow rate ml / minRollersPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ECOLINE VC-2801.7 to 540021582850112,056.51Order
ECOLINE VC-3801.6 to 500031582850212,074.46Order
ECOLINE VC-3600.25 to 130031582850311,979.88Order
ECOLINE VC-2811.7 to 540021542040312,062.85Order
ECOLINE VC-3811.6 to 500031542040412,085.69Order

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