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Diaphragm Pumps

VACUUBRAND's aluminium design diaphragm pump is a perfect match for many applications in the laboratory and operations because it is oil-free, whisper quiet and requires only little service. Diaphragms have especially long lives and hermetically seal the drive space from the pumping chamber to protect mechanical parts from corrosion. The pumps achieve their distinctively high performance from high pumping chamber volume relative to the min. dead space. The pumps operate absolutely oil free and do not have any sliding components on the vapour side; in normal operation they are completely free of abrasion. Besides contributing to the long service intervals, the lack of abrasion also eliminates most of the particulate impurities frequently generated on the vacuum side of scroll or piston pumps.
  • No abrasion, making it dust- and contamination-free.
  • Long diaphragm and valve lifetimes: made of highly flexible FPM, with fabric-reinforced double diaphragms for improved long term stability.

NT models:
Innovative connections ensure very low leak rates for very good flow rates under vacuum and long-term performance stability, even after hours of service. Patented drive support system provide for uniquely quiet, low-vibration operation.
Chemically resistant membrane:no
Pump head:[_2/0_]
Diaphragm Pumps  VACUUBRAND
TypeMax. air flowUltimate PressureLength [mm]BreiteHöheGewichtNumber of stagesPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ME 10.70100.000247.00121.00145.005.00115425277-0011on demand 
ME 2 NT2.0070.000243.00211.00198.0010.2011542752511,130.00Order
ME 4 NT4.0070.000243.00239.00198.0011.0011588080411,565.00Order
ME 4R NT3.80100.000243.00239.00290.0011.5011588080711,925.00Order
ME 8 NT7.7070.000325.00239.00198.0016.4011588081212,815.00Order
ME 16 NT16.4070.000538.00260.00359.0030.6011542910014,950.00Order
MZ 2 NT2.207.000243.00239.00198.0011.0021588080611,540.00Order
MZ 2D NT2.304.000243.00242.00198.0011.4021588081011,965.00Order
MD 11.201.500303.00143.00163.006.5031588008011,700.00Order
MD 4 NT3.801.000325.00239.00198.0016.4031588081512,925.00Order
MD 12 NT12.102.000538.00260.00359.0030.6031542910115,090.00Order
MV 10 NT10.400.500554.00260.00359.0030.6041543683115,450.00Order

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