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Package: Rotational Vacuum Concentrator RVC 2-25 CDplus
Martin Christ

Universal table top unit for routine concentration even with higher sample throughput or volumes. Suitable for watery and solvent containing products. Complete system with vacuum pump or the possibility to connect it to an existing vacuum system and with cooling trap (2 l, condensator temperature - 50 °C).
  • Gentle concentration.
  • Temperature stepplessly adjustable from + 30 to + 80 °C.
  • Timer from 5 min to 12 h or infinite.
  • Well-organised graphical display.
  • Innovative drive system is operating without moveable parts outside the rotation chamber.
  • The vacuum concentrator will be supplied ready for operation with a chemical resistant vacuum pump, end vacuum 10 mbar and suction capacity 2 m³ / h as well as all connection parts. With this pump it is guaranteed that all processes are liquid condensing methods and not, as when using pumps with low end pressure, as freeze drying process. This would then result in very long process time.
  • Supplied without rotors.
Technical Data:
Rotor speed:1550 min-1
Relative centrifugal acceleration:235 x g
Max. vacuum< 0.1 mbar (depending on connected vacuum system)
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H):315 x 460 x 260 mm
Weight:24 kg
Package: Rotational Vacuum Concentrator RVC 2-25 CDplus  Martin Christ
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