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Moisture Analyser MA100

Menu featuring plain text and alphanumeric prompts for user guidance; choice of sample heating by a ceramic IR heating element featuring a highly uniform distribution of heat rays over the entire sample surface, CQR - quartz glass heating element for extreme fast and homagen heating or a halogen lamp. Motorised heating unit moves over the sample at the press of a key. Temperature settings from 30 to 230 °C in 1 °C increments. Choice of endpoint shutoff parameter for a measurement either when sample reaches a constant weight or when a user-defined weight loss over time (semi-automatic mode) is reached or when a preselected time (0.1 to 999 min) has elapsed. The 'SPRM' function (Swift Parameter Adjustment to a given Reference Method) supports the user in determining the optimal semi-automatic shutoff criterion. Data printer can be optionally integrated into the analyser housing for GLP-compliant logging of all measuring, calibration and adjustment data. Results are displayed in a choice of modes: moisture / dry weight / ratio in %, residue in g, g / kg, loss in mg. Serial RS232 interface
(RS485 optional). Alphanumeric password for setup menu. Brief instructions permanently attached to analyser.

MA100 - the most accurate model:
  • 100 g weighing capacity, 0.1 mg weight resolution, 0.001 % displayed accuracy of the results.
  • 30 programmable drying programs.
  • Internal motordriven calibration weight.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 350 x 453 x 156 mm.
Max. Wägekapazität:110 g
Max. Temperatur~[°C]:230.00
Kalibrierzertifikat Dakks:yes
Moisture Analyser MA100  Sartorius
TypeHeizquellePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
MA100Cceramic heating element15902602110,970.00Order
MA100QHalogen quartz glass heater15425239110,970.00Order
MA100HHalogen heater15425240110,970.00Order
Further accessories are available on request!
Accessories for moisture analyser MA100 / Sartorius

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