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Spring Clamps for Laboratory Flasks

Made of stainless steel. No floating or canting of flasks. The spring clamps can be fast and easy fixed on the bottom of insert baskets and utensil holders (mesh size 5 x 5 mm).

Like picture but without basket.
Suitable for baskets:K 3C/CL, K 5C, K 6, K 10, K 10 B, K 14, K 14 B, K 28/C
Suitable for utensil holder:GH 10, GH 14, GH 28
Suitable for glass holder:GL 510 F and shaking device SA 1028
Descriptionspring clamp
Spring Clamps for Laboratory Flasks  Bandelin
ModelSize of flasks mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
EK 101015877651128.00Order
EK 252515877653129.00Order
EK 505015877655132.00Order
EK 10010015877657135.00Order
EK 25025015424738150.00Order

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