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Graduated Pipettes, Class B, Type 3

SILBERBRAND ETERNA, class B, AR-Glas®. DIN EN ISO 835. Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Total delivery, zero point at the top. Marks and inscriptions in ETERNA amber stain.
Graduated Pipettes, Class B, Type 3  BRAND
Capacity mlSubdivision mlError limit ± mlCotton plug upper endPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR on demand 
10.010.010no152720411 3.55Order
10.010.010yes152720861 on demand 
10.10.010no152720421 3.55Order
20.010.015no152720431 4.70Order
20.020.015no152720441 3.60Order
20.020.015yes152720891 on demand 
20.10.015no152720451 on demand 
50.050.05yes152720461 4.00Order
50.10.05yes152720471 3.70Order
100.10.08yes152720481 4.00Order
200.10.15yes152720491 7.50Order
250.10.15yes152720501 7.50Order
Order No. 5272043 in addition to the ISO range.

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