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Zero Air Generators
Parker Balston

The Parker Balston zero air generator can produce up to 30000 ml / min of high purity zero grade air. Compressed air is pre filtered down to 0.01 micron and then purified using a state of art combined heated catalyst module. There are no moving parts and no noise, making the generator extremely reliable and ideal to install in the laboratory. Simple and quick to install, the zero air generator requires min. maintenance just once a year. The resultant air is free of total hydrocarbons (THC) to < 0.05 ppm making it ideal for all FID applications. The low levels guarantee a low signal to noise ratio, ensuring a flat constant base line with no peaks or fluctuations.
  • Ultra high purity air for GC FID applications.
  • Payback period typically less than one year.
  • Silent operation and min. operator attention required.
  • Eliminates inconvenient and potentially dangerous air cylinders from the laboratory.
  • Models available to service up to 75 FIDs.
  • Increases the accuracy and repeatability of analysis.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:230 VAC / 50 Hz
Min. / max. inlet pressure:2 to 8 bar
Weight:19 kg
3 kg (type 75-83)
Dimensions (W x D x H):270 x 340 x 420 mm
300 x 250 x 80 mm (type 75-83)
Zero Air Generators  Parker Balston
TypePurityFlow rate l / minNo. of FIDsPower consumption WPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Zero air generator 75-83< 0.1 ppm THC1000up to 21501360758322013,752.00Order
Zero air generator HPZA-3500< 0.05 ppm THC3500up to 82201360HPZA350022019,223.00Order
Zero air generator HPZA-18000< 0.05 ppm THC18000up to 454401360HPZA18000221on demand 
Zero air generator HPZA-30000< 0.1 ppm THC30000up to 754401360HPZA30000221on demand 
No. of FIDs: 400 ml / min per FID.
Maintenance kits for zero air generators / Parker

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