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Hydrogen Generators for Gas Chromatography / PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane)
Parker Balston

Hydrogen on demand, up to 510 ml / min.
  • Produces a continuous supply of 99.9995 % pure hydrogen gas at up to 6.9 bar.
  • Designed to run 24 h a day.
  • Compact, reliable and min. maintenance.
  • Eliminates dangerous hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory.
  • 2 years standard warranty on cell.
  • Ideal for requirements on GC combustion gas.

Certified safety
Parker Balston hydrogen generators utilise an exclusive proton exchange membrane to produce hydrogen on demand. A built in sensing circuit shuts the generator down if a hydrogen leak is detected and an eightstage explosion protection system ensures the highest level of operator safety. A sophisticated control system connected to a liquid crystal display continuously monitors the vital operating parameters to ensure a safe and consistent performance. That's why Parker Balston hydrogen generators meet the strict safety guidelines to be certified for CE,CSA and UL approval.
Technical Data:
Outlet port:1/8" NPT compression fitting
Mains supply:100 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Outlet pressure:adjustable, 0.7 to 6.9 bar (± 0.07 bar)
Weight:24 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D):435 x 342 x 457 mm
Hydrogen Generators for Gas Chromatography / PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane)  Parker Balston
TypeFlow rate ml / minPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
H2PEM-2602601360H2PEM2601on demand 
Maintenance parts are available on request.

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